Company Culture is Everything… What’s Yours?


Employee retention is a challenge for many businesses, and it’s one of those things you might feel like you can’t impact. But you actually can! Employee recognition is one of the best ways to increase retention and foster a better company culture, and more and more HR departments are adopting special recognition programs for these very reasons.

Employee recognition is the answer to fostering a better culture. Find the right solution for your team!

Why is employee recognition important?

80% of companies have an employee recognition program. If your company is one that doesn’t, it’s time to explore options.

Employee recognition leads to:

Increased Productivity

As humans, we like being praised on a job well done, and we’re more likely to do things when we know there’s a reward coming. An employee recognition program could be just what your team needs to get fired up.

Increased Engagement

Just because your team is getting work done doesn’t mean they are engaged employees. The excitement of recognition and rewards can help get your employees engaged both mentally and emotionally with the company.


47% of HR professionals agree that retention is a big challenge. But when employees are working in an environment where they feel appreciated and cared for, they’re more likely to want to grow with the company, ultimately leading to higher retention rates.

Improved Company Culture

All people really want in a job is to work somewhere where they feel appreciated and like they’re making a difference by being there. However, so many companies are lacking that human, compassionate side. Show your team you really care, and it’ll be a more positive environment for everyone (yourself included).

Better Business Results

When your employees are happy, it shines through to the customers they serve. It’s often easy to tell whether or not a company would be a good place to work just based on the attitude of the people who work there. In addition, happier, more productive employees are much more likely to make an impact on the bottom line!


People like to connect with brands on an emotional level, so when it’s known that a company has happy employees, it makes the customers feel happy, too. Don’t you want to be known as a company with a great culture and team?

How can I recognize my employees?

Plaques and other personalized, engraved pieces are the perfect way to express your appreciation. Our customized products are high quality and handcrafted pieces that take your already amazing accomplishments and turn them into nice visual reminders.

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Find the Right Solution to Start Recognizing Your Team

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