Donor Recognition

Organizations like yours rely on gifts, grants and cash donations from charitable donors. In order to show your appreciation and foster a sense of gratitude with your donors, consider honoring them with a custom plaque, award or gift that’s as unique as your organization.

Why Recognize Your Donors?

  • Show Your Appreciation - Taking the time to have a customized plaque, donor wall or gift made goes beyond the typical letter or piece of paper that donors often receive. It shows that you truly appreciate their generosity and have taken the time to recognize them.
  • Encourage Them to Donate Again - Fostering a sense of collaboration and appreciation with your donors will make them feel positive about their decision to continue supporting your organization.

Creating Quality Awards and Plaques Since 1955

At Massillon Plaque, we’ve been creating quality awards and plaques since 1955. Our industry-leading Art in Steel technology can help you design the perfect gift for the donors that help support your organization.

In addition to stainless steel, we also offer employee recognition award products in aluminum, brass, acrylic, glass and other materials based on your preferences. Our plaques, awards and donor walls are made from the highest quality materials so that your donors are actually excited and proud to display their gifts or awards. They’ll cherish them for years to come.

Awards & Gifts as Unique as Your Donors

We love working with each and every customer to create something great for their donors. Whether you want one of our products or you want a plaque to add to something of yours, we can make it happen. Let’s work together to create the perfect gift to honor your donors’ generosity!

From the materials and the format of the gift or award to the actual plaque itself, there are so many different ways we can help you customize your gifts. Whether you just want a simple plaque or something that goes above and beyond like a wooden box, clock, coaster set or small statue, we can help you design the perfect gift or award to honor your donors.

More Custom Recognition Gifts and Awards

Known for our elegant, age-tested, world-renowned Art in Steel technology that allows us to transform images into long-lasting stainless steel plaques, we also offer unique, personalized gifts made from aluminum, brass, acrylic, glass and more. Whether you want a custom metal-on-wood plaque, distinctive acrylic award or durable interior or exterior signage, Massillon Plaque can create it – from concept to finished product. We can even add plaques to your memorabilia items.

Don’t see exactly what you want? Talk to us about creating your custom award.

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